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Wash & Care Instructions

Your ride apparel takes a beating with salt, dirt and debris all taking a toll on the delicate fabrics. When it comes to laundry day, give them the right care to keep them looking good and lasting season after season. 

  • Closing all zippers before washing
  • Washing at max 30°C 
  • Hand washing with cold water (or gentle wash cycle)
  • Using mild, high quality detergent 
  • Drip drying in shade, do not machine dry  
  • Avoiding ironing and bleach

Please take into consideration:

  • The instructions on your garment’s label
  • Sorting your clothing by color
  • Avoiding fabric softener
  • Our clothing isn’t meant to be dry cleaned
  • Soaking clothing is not ideal 

If you have any doubts about how to properly take care of your garments please contact us directly at