2Vi Helmet Technology Platform

2Vi® is a high-performance helmet technology platform developed by Sweet Protection that is especially designed to increase safety and improve comfort without compromising on weight and volume.

360 Occigrip Fit System

The updated 360 Occigrip Fit System allows for easy on the fly adjustments to the helmet height and is designed to integrate seamlessly with Sweet Protection eyewear.

Mips Air

Mips Air is a rotational management system, specifically developed and designed to be the lightest system possible to help reduce rotational energies otherwise transferred to the head during an impact or crash.

Pony-tail Compatible

The updated 360 Occigrip Fit System is pony-tail compatible for riders with longer hair. Intuitive height adjustment makes it possible to quickly and easily alter the fit of the helmet according to your preferences.

Eyewear Grippers

Eyewear grippers for easy and convenient eyewear storage at any stage of your ride.

Improved STACC Ventilation

STACC (Superficial Temporal Arteries Cooling Channel) ventilation system efficiently pulls air to the head in critical areas for complete body temperature regulation and increased overall comfort.